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The World Preferred Halal Frozen Food

PA Food is a Malaysia renowned halal frozen food supplier & manufacturer of premium grade shelf stabled frozen food, specialised in asian pancake, steam buns, finger food, sauce paste etc. Dedicated in the development of own house brands and provides private labelling to companies around the globe.

Today, the company not only serve and distribute to the Retail segment but also cater to various market segment e.g. Food Services, Hoteliers, Restaurants, Caterers, Grocery Stores, Wholesales, Cinemas, Theme Parks and so forth globally and domestically.

Our Story

Indulgence with source of right and fresh ingredients from the farm, Mr. Ding Hong Sing with the expertise has freshly produced the "Halal Bun" to serve it markets locally and globally.

Originated from Fu Zhou, the founder of PA Food, Mr. Ding Hong Sing a Malaysian born with his great enthusiasm and entrepreneurship decided to expand and venture into the "PAU" market. The business started with a few workers in a small shop with handmade buns. With his expertise, Mr. Ding decided to innovate and produce Halal buns for the consumers worldwide. The origin of Pau Ahmad name were created and recognized within the Malay communities in positioning of the brand which were recognized beyond other communities as well.

With the growth and market demand, Mr. Ding Hong Sing decided to invest into machinery, expansion in production, creating market demand and supply to support the growing demand and supply of Halal Buns to its market. Ideas shared among his friends but none of them supported the ideas. Nevertheless with his hard effort, Mr. Ding continued to strive to produce the tastefully and quality Halal Bun for the growing Halal market. With the indigenous and challenges ahead, PA Food had successfully achieving demands and growth under the leadership of Mr. Ding Hong Sing.


Mr Ding

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