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Private Labeling Services

We are not just an OEM or Private Labeling Manufacturer but a partner you can trust for expert advice and commitment to quality.

When you do a private labeling, your partner who's committed to quality is critical to your product and reputation. We serve companies both large and small including some of the most respected names in the food industries locally and internationally. Customers or Partners that can count on us can rely on our expertise in raw materials and ingredients and manufacturing processes to ensure that their products are designed to meet their standards.

We take each client's challenge on as our own and commit to developing the best solution for every application and budget. This is why so many of our relationships span decades.

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Kitchen Solutions

Working hand-in-hand to build your brand, we provide kitchen solutions to satisfy customers of all sizes.

We understand how important maximum freshness and efficiency in preparation time means to our customers. That’s why we’re proud to gain the satisfaction and confidence of our major customers below where quick turnaround in preparation without compromising on food quality is paramount.

  • Cafes

  • Theme Parks

  • Factory

  • Restaurant

  • Hotel/Resorts

  • Airlines

  • Canteen

  • Franchise

Product Customization

We’ve been in the business long enough – since 1985 to be precise – to appreciate that one size does not fit all.

Since different customers have different needs, our passionate and creative R&D team stands ready to serve the most exacting of demands in terms of product customization and specifications. Of course, we also appreciate customers who readily accept our existing product range as it is!

No matter how far we’ve come over 30 years, customer satisfaction remains a priority in our frozen food business. We’ve created strong brands for our private-labeling partners through tailor-made kitchen solutions and product customization to fit their needs.


We’re determined to build even stronger business relationships, simply because being “Your Trusted Kitchen Partner” means working hand-in-hand to ensure that your success becomes our success.

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