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Tadika Melodi EmasEvents

We are so happy to be invited by @Tadika Melodi EMAS, to have a chance introducing about our food and interacting with the kids. It is a good chance to let the kids creatively bake their pizzas in a team, drawing & colouring as well as Q&A session. From this event, they have some basic knowledge about healthy and quality food, frozen food, and knowing baking is not that hard.

  • Event Date: December 2016
  • Location: Tadika Melodi Emas
Let’s Celebrate Christmas with PAContest

Christmas Count And Win Contest How many PA Food Samosa do you see in this photo? 3 lucky winners with correct answer will win the AEON Cash Vouchers!

  • Event Date: December 2016
Let’s Celebrate Raya with PAContest

PA Food Raya contest is on again. This is your second chance to win PA Food product for Hari Raya. Hit the “like” button now.

  • Event Date: July 2016
Enterprise 50 Award Programme 2010Achievements

The Enterprise 50 (E50) Awards, first established in 1995, recognises local, privately-held companies who have contributed to economic development in Singapore and abroad. P.A. Food is honoured to get awarded in this program.

  • Event Date: 17 December 2010
  • Event Duration: 7:30 AM - 11:00 PM
  • Location: KLCC
SMI Chinese New Year Open HouseCelebration

P.A. Food proudly joined SMI Chinese New Year Open House. This is an important Chinese festival celebrated at the turn of the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar

  • Event Date: 2011
  • Location: KL, Malaysia
SMB Recognition Award 2006Achievements

The SMB Recognition Awards Series (formerly known as SMI Recognition Awards) is a coveted corporate award that seeks to recognise the success and achievements of up-and-coming SMIs in the country and carried a total of 69 awards in 12 categories.

  • Event Date: 2006
  • Location: KL, Malaysia

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