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  • Let's Bring Authentic Home

    Our corporate slogan, “Let's bring Authentic Home”, defines what we stand for – authentic home-cooked, Asian food. . Our recipe for business is simple – enabling consumers to prepare food for their family in the simplest and most creative way. There are Asian Pancake, Steam Buns, Finger Food, Microwave Series to choose from.

  • My 1st Pau

    Pau Ahmad was the first halal pau introduced to the Malaysian market. Touting the brand slogan, “My 1st Pau”, this snack represents the multi-cultural society it was originally designed for. There are steam buns and mini steam buns to choose from.

  • Easy Peel, Easy Make

    We know consumers prefer pastries that are easy to peel and certainly easy to prepare, so we’ve coined the brand slogan, “Easy Peel, Easy Make”. You’ll love our wide range of pastries specially-crafted for spring rolls, samosas, dumplings, wantons, and gyozas featuring an elastic texture and beautiful appearance when cooked.

  • New Adventure of Authentic

    Aims to integrate differences in Asian and western cultures by using western food suggestions so that new consumers feel comfortable trying our Dapur Kitchen range containing Asian ingredients. Product range is coming soon!

Variety halal frozen at your choice!

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