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Yummy and blazing a trail, the revolution journey begins. The official landing of PA Food way back 30 years since 1985 had brought the most innovative, delicious, homemade buns to become an unexpected phenomenon demand.

With Mr. Ding Hong Sing expertise and excellence, he has made history to establish the PA Food in Malaysia. Growing in demand as leading specialist in manufacturing and marketer, Mr. Ding steer his company together with his team to the top and recognized of its leading brand in market ever since then.

Being the pioneer and formerly known as Syarikat Pau Ahmad, PA Food is the first and largest producer, supplier and manufacturer of varieties and authentic frozen Halal Bun to cater for its market locally and internationally. PA Food has been proud as a market leader establishing in Malaysia since 1985 specializing in manufacturing of variety of Asian Delicious Frozen Food which have gained household popularity and demand.

With the popularity way back in 1990, PA Food started to acquire the latest innovative and technology for its R&D to develop the highest standard of quality and taste to serve the growing needs throughout the global market. The range of products attained successfully of the list of certification and awards e.g. ISO 22000, BRC Certified; HALAL certified by JAKIM Malaysia and also other well recognized certification for its "TASTE OF QUALITY, TEXTURE AND AROMA". The certification was awarded to PA Food for its stringent measurement in Hygiene and Cleanliness of the factory.

The journey of its business expanded effectively within a short span to other countries internationally and domestic market and today, the company not only serve and distribute to the Retail segment but also cater to various market segment e.g. Food Services, Hoteliers, Restaurants, Caterers, Grocery Stores, Wholesales, Cinemas, Theme Parks and so forth globally and domestically.